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Monofilament Extrusion Machine For Sun Shading Nettings

Nylon PA Monofilament Extrusion Line

HDPE Monofilament Extrusion Line for Fishing and Agriculature Nettings

Polyester (PET) Monofilament Extrusion Machine

PET Zipper Monofilament Extrusion Line

Bristle Series Monofilament Extrusion Line

Monofilament Making Machine for Make-up Brush

Flat Film Stretching Extruding Machine for Tape of Carpet Base Cloth

Artificial Grass Monofilament Extrusion Machine

More than 20 years of production experience



Since its inception in 1989, more than 20 years of trials and hardships, hard-working, the company has formed a complete set of product

design, quality control, product delivery to the after-sales service of

scientific management system

High efficiency, stability and energy saving


By right of the abundant technical power, advanced processing 

equipment, strict quality ensuring system(passed ISO9001

identification) and flawless scientific management. Our company has turned into one of the most forceful enterprise with the same merchandise in china. 

Advanced production equipment


Have a rigorous engineering experience of the specialized team,

to provide users with project design, product manufacturing to the

production process guidance of a full range of technical services.

full range of technical service service


For over ten years continual effort, we have come into being

a whole scientific management system which ranges in

devicing production, controlling quality, delivering product and customer service, also we have a professional group which

have been trained strictly, they are able to offer multi - faceted technical service which including program design, product

manufacture and the technique of the product. 


Tape of Carpet Base Extrusion Machine

At Customer Site

PET、Nylon PA High-End Monofilament Extrusion series

Industrial Monofilament Extrusion Line