Changzhou New Liaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd

Professional wire drawing machine manufacturer supply all kinds of unit equipment for you



 China Changzhou New Liaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specialising in the production of plastic wire drawing machine, plastic extrusion monofilament machine equipment, plastic flat film drawing unit and its matching accessories and components. Since its inception in 1989, more than twenty years of wind and rain, diligence and focus, the company has formed a complete set of product design, quality control, product delivery to after-sales service scientific management system, and has a rigorous engineering experience of a professional team, able to provide users with a full range of technical services from the project design, product manufacturing to the guidance of the production process. The main range of products are: nylon / PET / PP / HDPE monofilament, filter cloth wire, 3D wire, industrial mesh wire, paper mesh wire, woven interlining, zip monofilament, curtain line, sports nets, lawn mowing line, rope netting wire, sandwich mesh cloth wire sunshade nets, protective nets, fishing nets, wig wire, all kinds of brushes, broom wire, embroidery threads... Production equipment for artificial lawn silk, lawn base cloth, carpet base cloth, trellis woven fabric, tarpaulin and other products.
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