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   Changzhou New Prairie Plains Machinery - 30 years focus on all kinds of plastic monofilament machine PET monofilament machine, nylon monofilament machine, brush wire drawing machine, PP polyethylene monofilament machine, PE polypropylene monofilament machine, flat mould plastic drawing machine R & D manufacturing and sales. Artificial turf drawing machine is currently the most selected production equipment for lawn making. So how does the heating system of the artificial turf drawing machine operate? Professional wire drawing machine manufacturer new prairie for your detailed introduction.
    The heating system of artificial lawn wire drawing machine is a kind of heating device with high thermal efficiency, fast warming and obvious power saving effect, which is to use electromagnetic induction principle to heat the baking plate to form eddy current to generate heat, so that the baking plate is heated evenly. Artificial lawn wire drawing machine should coil heat insulation layer is set in the bottom of the plastic wire drawing machine baking plate. Induction coil heating body is set at the bottom of the heat insulation layer, each induction coil heating consists of an outer shell and a set of electromagnetic induction coils, electromagnetic induction coils are set in the shell body, which is shaped as a disc, and the electromagnetic induction coils are connected to the induction heating control power supply through a load connecting line.

    Artificial turf drawing machine in the production should constantly observe the drawing of the annealing current is normal, especially in the just start, pay special attention to the changes in the annealing current, according to the changes in the wire speed to adjust the size of the annealing current, and then make the annealing current slowly with the increase in the wire speed and become larger, to ensure that the normal operation of the equipment. The frequency converter is required to have a starting torque of up to 150% at 0.5HZ. Requirements can be achieved more than one proportional intermodal control, with the load and voltage changes can automatically adjust the output frequency to achieve the same speed. RS485 communication function and PLC, PC to achieve communication control. Adopting common DC bus mode control, power saving effect is good. Inverter products are suitable for use in the wire drawing machine, in more than one proportion of the use of linkage can be required to common DC bus way control, power saving effect is better!

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