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Drawing machine transmission process ---- new prairie plain machinery



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  The following wire drawing machine manufacturer Ruisheng for your detailed introduction to the wire drawing machine transmission device process. The wire drawing machine transmission device generally adopts the inverted metal wire structure and the direct-feed frequency conversion system control device process.
Inverted metal wire drawing machine is characterised by setting the driving device of the drawing machine and the drawing reel upside down on a supporting frame, and setting the wire carrier under the drawing reel. The use of this structure can improve the stability of the work of the bearing frame, so that the equipment of the winding coil weight has been greatly increased, plastic wire drawing machine to meet the metal products industry in the high-strength, coarse specifications of the production of pre-stressed metal wire coil weight process technology requirements; straight into the wire drawing machine frequency control device is mainly on the fine rolled out of the stainless steel wire drafting.

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