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How to adjust polypropylene monofilament fibre machine lay-ups



Polypropylene monofilament fibre machine is a professional equipment, which plays an important role in the production process. In order to further improve the use of the equipment, we will make new adjustments to it, our company has been committed to research and development of advanced equipment for many years, just to be able to meet the needs of everyone. High-efficiency, energy-saving, cost-saving machine is our important products, will continue to inspire us in the research and development of the road farther and farther. On how to adjust the polypropylene monofilament fibre machine laying, we do a simple introduction for you today.

The first point, due to dry fibre bin, dosing bin, forming room is directly connected to the closed silo, in the role of residual wind pressure so that the forming room is in a positive pressure state, forming room airflow disorder, throw down the fibre to form a turbulent flow, no rules, affecting the quality of the slab forming, in order to solve the problem, you can open holes on the top of the laying room, balancing the positive pressure in the forming room.

The second point, pay attention to the dosing bin under the mouth of the regulator plate and laying room at the back door of the regulator plate, required to adjust to the fibre under the first and the second throw between the rollers, the purpose of the fibre in the high speed of the needle rollers under the forward throw, the further the better, so that the core layer and the surface layer have uniformity.

The third point, the adjustment of the laying head. Needle roller laying head is arranged horizontally on the flagon, and the spacing between each roller can be adjusted by positioning the bearing seat at both ends, and its effective gap is adjusted to between 10--15mm. The speeds of the five sets of laying heads are controlled by five frequency converters in order to realise various combinations of speeds under different production conditions. The first and second ones are required to rotate at the fastest speeds, and the rest are gradually decelerated.

The fourth point, each section of the dampers in the direction of the width of the small dampers should also be adjusted, generally near the outlet to open a small point, the centre to open a larger point, away from the outlet to open a larger point. You can directly adjust the small dampers on the vacuum box, so that the vacuum degree of each position point is close to the same, and always observe the actual laying effect on the forming mesh belt. It is best to make a scale record of the position of the small dampers adjusting lever externally to facilitate comparison among each other.

Polypropylene monofilament fibre machine has a special screw for chemical fibre, with high precision digital pre-spinning pressure automatic control system. Roller frame casting box, helical gear transmission, smooth running, permanent non-deformation characteristics. Meanwhile, hot air double-circulation oven ensures even temperature distribution in transverse and longitudinal directions.


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