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The structural composition of the artificial turf drawing machine is introduced



There are many places in life that can use artificial turf, such as gateball courts, golf courses, basketball courts, running tracks, football fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, etc. Artificial turf has a very good decorative effect, so we need to improve the production efficiency and quality of professional equipment. Artificial turf has the advantages of good drainage performance, long service life, low maintenance cost and so on, it has gradually become a mainstream. Artificial turf drawing machine is one of our preferred equipment.

The structure of artificial turf drawing machine is composed of the following parts:

Cylinder changer: The cylinder changer is jointly driven by a cylinder changer motor and a cylinder in order to rotate to the proper roll pulling position. The motor drives the rotating frame rotor through the reduction gear and chain until the head position detection sensor detects the stop block; then the rotating frame positioning cylinder acts to rotate the rotating frame rotor in the specified position and clamp the stop block firmly.

Head braking device: electromagnetic energy consumption brake is non-contact frictionless brake. The braking torque is large and reliable. It inputs the DC current to the stator winding of the motor after rectification of the radial voltage reduction, so as to generate the electromagnetic torque opposite to the direction of rotation to realise the electromagnetic energy consumption braking.

Line-up device: the rotary motion is achieved by the line-up motor through synchronous belt transmission, and the reciprocating motion is achieved by the servomotor through synchronous belt, rolling screw assembly, and linear bearing transmission. The travelling distance of reciprocating movement is between 50 and 200mm, and the travelling distance can be adjusted by changing the position of two limit sensors.

Winding head device: the head structure is centrifugal rising block type, which consists of head body, rising block, rising block key, pressure spring, front cover of head and back cover of head. The whole head is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel. When the machine head rotates at high speed, the rising block will support the winding cylinder under the action of centrifugal force, and the fibre will be wound on the surface of the winding cylinder.

In the use of artificial turf drawing machine, you also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance work, regularly check the conveyor belt and its tension (if the tension is too loose, please adjust to moderate). Always keep the outside of the equipment clean and hygienic, check whether the air supply line and quick connector are good.

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