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Monofilament Extrusion Machine For Sun Shading Nettings

PE Sun Shading Nettings 
PP Air conditioning Nettings
  Machine Pic
One Stage Stretching through Hot Water Bath and Setting through Hot Air Oven


  Main Technical Data

PP HDPE Monofilament Extrusion Machine
Ropes,  fishing net, safety net, insect net, protective net, agricultural net, etc.
For raw materials PP 、HDPE
Item / model SYL-M rope, mesh series
Screw diameter mm Ø45~80mm
Spinning die Single or double die
Diameter range  0.1-0.5mm
 Production Output  20-100Kg / hour

Due to the continuous optimization of the design, some specifications of the changes may not be foreseen.

  Machine Features
  • Special design screw
  • Extruder with automatic pressure feedback system,
  • Automatic adjustment screw speed.
2.Draw Stand 
  • Helical gear transmission system with oil bath lubrication 
  • AC Motor complete with AC inverter Drive 
  • Hard Chromim plated and polished  driving rollers


3.Overflow type hot water tank
  • 304SS with insulated for saving of heating & Electricity  
  • Free contact any hard surface, to achieve best filament roundness and stretching efficiency
  • PID Temperature controller  
4. Hot Air Oven 
  • PID Temperature controller  
  • Complete insulated 
  • Designed to ensure consistent temperature and even heat distrubution . 
5. Winder
  • Various Types can satisfy customers' demands
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